Some common reasons to seek therapy:

*Relationship concerns with family, friends and/or romantic partners

*School related concerns such as bullying, peer conflict

*Social skill development 

*Self-esteem building

*Life transitions (new job, moving to new city, attending college, marriage, dating, etc) 

*Assistance with developing coping tools for daily living 

About therapy: Therapy is a way to learn about yourself by exploring identified problems, setting goals and working towards those goals. However, therapy is not a guaranteed “fix” for anything. There can be many ups and downs, twists and turns before you find yourself where you envision yourself to be. And that’s ok! Therapy is a process. It’s a journey that you and your therapist can venture together.  Of course, at any time that you decide, you are free to terminate sessions and I will provide you with referrals to help you along your journey.

In therapy sessions, I primarily use Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies. I work using a strength based model and collaborate with clients to create, build and maintain healthy relationships. As the client, what we work on is up to you. You set the goal(s) for our sessions and I join with you to identify a plan to reach the goal. 

Ilita Beckham, LMFT

Psychotherapy for children, adolescents and adults